Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nick in Launceston

Another game with a young 40K player -- Keenan. Same armies as last week - Sperrverband (Nick) vs Guards Tankovy (Keenan)

This game was as close as they come. Each army got to the objective on their right. The Russians realised they couldn't get to an objective before the Germans claimed victory, so they shot at the Germans hoping to cause an army morale check. They succeeded -- and the Germans had to roll a 5 or 6 as they were relucatant to stay and win the game with the Russian objective. This they did - but games dont get much closer. Along the way the game swung wildly. A German infantry assault massacred the Russian SMG's -- but then the Russian commander and one stand came back the next turn, and killed enough to cause the Germans to take a platoon morale which they failed. The German Stugs failed morale after losing one to Sturmoviks and one to a lucky shot by a singe T34/85. The Russian tankovy shrugged off all hits -- but when they were unlucky and had a few bailed tanks they failed morale even though fearless. The game was tense, and Keenan played well above his age -- only getting the odd hint from experienced players. A maharajah quality game!!!!

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