Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Camp Cromwell Tuesday 16 August

I get back from France on Tuesday 16th August, so Tuesday night Camp Cromwell meetings will resume that night - 7.30 at 29 Cromwell St, Battery Point.

On the agenda:

Hail Caesar:
Some of us have been painting 28mm ancients while I've been away.  Time to compare our work.  I hope we can have at least a small practice battle & plan for a larger battle next week.

Black Powder:
I should have my copy of The Last Argument of Kings (the BP 18th century suppliment) waiting for me when I return.  We can do some planning for 18th century Black Powder battles.

If anyone's desperate for WWII, the tables in the bottom room will be available.

Show and tell:
If anyone's interested, I have endless photos of forts & battlefields in France and Belgium to show.

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