Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hail Caesar 23/08/11

We had a not too historical put-everything-we-have-painted-on-the-table Hail Caesar battle.  The troops were divided into 2 roughly equal forces with two Steves commanding the Romans, and Mark, Mike & Jim commanding their enemies. 

We made the Roman & Numidian commanders 8, the Gauls 9 if ordering a charge forward, 7 otherwise.

Pic 1 is at the start from behind the Roman right.  SteveJ's cavalry is out of frame behind the wood on the left, his infantry stands on the ridge.  SteveP's holds the left with legionaries supported by cavalry & elephants.  Jim commands the Gallic horse on the far flank, Mike the Gallic infantry in the centre, Mark the Numidian foot on their left flank.  The Romans sat back while the Gauls advanced.  The Gallic advance was rather ragged with half the infantry charging forward at a great rate & the rest straggling up after them.  Half their cavalry sat in the rear refusing to move for most of the game. 

In pic 2 the leading Gallic division is fighting on the hill,  Mark's Numidians have moved up to cover their flank. The 2nd Gallic infantry is slowly getting there & the 1st Gallic cavalry division is plugging the gap between the woods bottling up most of the Roman cavalry.

In pics 3 & 4 the leading Gallic infantry division is getting beaten back and the Romans are deciding how to exploit their advantage.

In pic 5 the Gallic left centre has broken, their left is being pushed back, the 2nd Gallic infantry division is having a hard time & most of their cavalry is still sitting in the rear drinking herbal potions.

By pic 6 the Gallic cavalry has finally been stirred into action and it is galloping towards the centre in a last ditch play for victory.   But it is too late.  Mark's division finally cracked to break the army morale.

Mike was set a tough task charging uphill at the Roman centre.  He needed more luck on the impact turns that he got.  But the killer was the 2nd Gallic cavalry division sitting doing nothing until it was too late.

But once again Hail Caesar delivered a rattling good game enjoyed by all.

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