Thursday, August 04, 2011

D Day Today: 4. Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach looking west from about the middle.

The exit from the beach at Vierville-sur-Mer at the west end of Omah.  The was an anti-tank wall across it on D Day.  The bunker with a monument built on top on the right is a Pak 42 bunker.

The Pak 42 88mm anti-tank gun is still there behind a security grill.

The 88's field of fire down the beach.

A Mulbury harbour was installed at Vierville.  There is no sign of it on the water apart from some buoys marking harzards to navigation.  But a section of it is on display beside the road off the beach.

There are several museums and monuments in the area.  They often had some good stuff on display outside.  Here is a US 105 howitzer and a landing barge.

An 88 flak.

German 105 field gun and another landing craft.

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Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, i hope to visit there someday...