Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hellfire On Sunday 20/08/11

Byron's Fucilieri v. Jim's Australian Rifles
1500 pts Witch's Cauldron, Italians defending

The Ities deployed 2 Fucilieri Posizione platoons & his heavy artillery in the Cauldron with M11/39's in immediate ambush.  In delayed reserve they had Fucilieri, mortars, 75's, 65's & tankettes.  They also has sporadic Fiat Falcos.

With random deployment the Ossies put HMGs & 25pdrs on their right & 1 infantry in the centre with 2 more infantry and Valentines in reserve.

Byron deployed his M13 ambush close to the Oz rifles in the centre & immediately attacked with them.  The Valentines arrived early but the low ridge gave the M13's cover & even doubling the slow Valentines did not arrive in time to save the infantry platoon. 

The other 2 Oz rifles platoons arrived and were brought on in the corner behind the 25pdrs and began advancing through the scrub towards the objective.  But the Ities got a Fucilieri platoon from reserve to arrive behind them abd the M13's then moved left over the next ridge to support them.

The Italian attack was stopped by the Oz rifles, but one of the rifles and a 25pdr were lost first, and more impoortant, the counterattack prevented the Ozzies from advancing.  The Italians won because there were no enemies with 40cm of the objective after turn 6.  Byron won the battle convincingly even though he only got 1 platoon from reserve, his airforce did nothing but look beautiful, & his artillery did no more than scratch some camo.  In effect, 5 crap tanks and a Fearless Trained infantry platoon won the battle on their own when Byron saw an opportunity and exploited it.

This was our first Hellfire & back battle.  It's nice to be back in the desert.  The new missions look very interesting & fighting with such crap kit is a nice change.  Most of the troops can be made up from Midwar gear we already have, it will only take a few purchases or subs to make up most armies (for this one we only had to sub M14's for M13's).

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