Thursday, August 04, 2011

D Day Today: 2. Sword, Juno & Gold Beaches

Hillman Fort

Hillman Fort is a small artillery fort located about 4 km inland from Sword Beach.  There is a monument to the regiment that took it. 

It is a group of about 20 bunkers - command, living, storage, observation and gun.

Its garison of 150 men held out through D Day but gave up the next day.

The ground around the fort and behind most of the length of the British beaches is mostly pretty flat and open.


Ouistrham is the east end of the beaches.  The German command bunker has been turned into a museum.  There is some good stuff outside the bunker.

88 Flak.

25 pdr and landing craft - the very one used in saving Private Ryan.

Priest with V1 behind.

US half track.


Tank turret bunker.

Sword Beach.

A Pak 38 bunker on Juno Beach at St-Auban-sur-Mer.  Not how it presents a solid concrete wall to the sea side but can fire lengthways along the ebach in both directions.

A Churchill Arve as a regimental memorial.

The remains of the Mulberry Harbour at Aromanches-les-Bains at the west end of Gold Beach.

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