Thursday, August 08, 2013

Bolt Action

Steve's German Vets v. Jim's British Regulars

1,000 pts Top Secret Scenario:  The scenario has an objective at the centre of the table that has to be carried back to your table edge to win.   Steve supplied a very cute Frauline Helga in leather coat and miniskirt to be the objective.
All pics taken from the British side.  The objective is on the crossroad.  The Germans have rushed their Puma up to it, but only infantry can carry it away.  "Toast" the Cromwell has had a shot at it and only pinned it.  Both sides are setting up their long range weapons while advancing infantry towards the objective.
The Germans got to the objective first with their HQ, but Brit infantry assaulted and took it back.  The Puma survived fire from 6pdr & Cromwell, but was pinned down and unable to help the infantry.   
The objective changed hand two more times, but the Brits had more sections and ended up in control of her at the end of turn 4.   They now had to get her to the edge of the table to win.
The Brits passed the vital command test to start the withdrawal only because they had the commander in the adjacent.  They then converged units around her that the Germans couldn't prevent them getting her away.   The Cromwell had advanced to cover them and finally popped the Puma.  The Germans moved up 2 Panzerfausts but missed and for the first time the Cromwell finished a battle without being toasted.   It was a very entertaining & enjoyable little battle.

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