Sunday, August 04, 2013

Muskets & Tomahawks at Barrie's

With 6 players we divided one of Barrie's big tables into three 6'x4' battlefields for 3 separate one-on-one battles.  The match-ups were as follows (French player listed first).
John v. Rusty.
Jim v. Steve.
Leigh v. Barrie.
Your reporter was all wrapped up in his own game so that's all you get reported.
The British drew the Slaughter Objective - they had to slaughter the civilians in the village.  The French drew Scouting - they had to get troops into every  2' square of the table.  The pics are taken from behind the French.  Above is late in the 1st turn after all have done some advancing.  The Brits have Regular infantry on their left & centre, Grenadiers on the right and Indians in the wood between the Regulars.  The French have their Regulars in the clear ground, Militia in the centre 1 Indian unit on their right & two Indian units on the left.  The civilians have been roused out of the tavern.
The motley selection of cooks, barmaids, whores and reprobates selected from Barrie's collection flee from the British.
Some hot shooting by the Canadian Militia routed the British Regulars in the centre, but the Brit Indians & Grenadiers have since driven the Militia back.  The French Indians are sneaking down the left flank, the French Regs & Indians pushing forward on their right.
On the left, the Grenadiers have moved left and destroyed the Indians on that flank, but not before they scouted all squares on that side. On the right, the French Militia & Regs destroyed the enemy Indians and cleared the way for their own Indians to scout all the squares on that flank.   The civilians have escaped unharmed.  Their rescuers are hoping for some gratitude in the tavern tonight.

We have started work on a more comprehensive summary sheet to replace the sadly inadequate one in the book.  We tried the 1st draft today & it certainly made things easier, and identified scope for further improvement.  

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