Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bolt Action

Steve's Germans v. Mark's Brits.

The Germans were veterans with 3 infantry squads, some support weapons & a Stug.  The Brits were regulars with 4 infantry squads, some support weapons & a Cromwell.  The Mission was Point Defence with the Brits defending.
The Brits have 3 objectives to defend on the left side of the table.  The Germans have 6 or 7 turns to take 2 to win, 1 to draw.
The Germans had a big set back when the Cromwell popped the Stug.  Fire from the HMG on the hill & advancing infantry has destroyed the defenders of the objective in left hand corner, but there is another Brit squad just off shot.  German infantry is advancing behind the hedges on the far flank while their mortars are softening up the defence.

The German attack through the centre is petering out but they had a good chance of salvaging a draw on the far flank.  The infantry there charged the heavily pinned defenders & should have beaten them, but for once Steve's dreaded Lehr dice failed him and the attack failed.  But not before the Cromwell was once again made "toast" by a panzerschrek.  The victorious infantry did not survive the next mortar round either, but it was still game over with no objectives taken & thus a British victory. 

This mission seems to be hard to win for the attacker, but I suspect that's because we're beginners & it's harder to attack than defend when you're unsure of what you're doing.  Still a good game though.

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