Sunday, August 18, 2013

Muskets & Tomahawks at Barrie's

We tried out a new scenario that John's been developing called Trading Post.  There are 3 victory criteria.  1) Burning the trading post or not.  2) Capturing the goods, or not. 3)  Killing 2/3 of the enemy army.  The defender has 1/3 of their force off table at the start, to come on when the dice decide, plus some civilians to carry or guard the goods. 

Game 1: Jim's French Canadians attacking Rusty's British
 John's scenario allowed the defenders to choose a table edge for their troops to deploy within 8" of at the start while the attackers could start either 8" in from the far edge, or on the side edges (but at least 1 unit on each edge). the 2 storey building is the trading post, with a wagon ready to be loaded up to cart the goods away. The British troops are on the left.
The French are lined up on the right with 1 unit of Indians on the far edge.
The British got a Civilian card early and began loading the wagon.  Then the French Regulars advanced down the road and in 1 volley made the civilians run away. The Canadian Militia dvanced through the woods and poured deadly fire at the British Regulars on the road, who promptly ran away.
The Brits conceded before we'd got halfway through the first turn.

Game 2: Jim's French Canadians attacking Rusty's British take 2
John modified the deployment rules to make all the attackers come on 8" in from the opposite table edge from the defenders.
 The British civilians are frantically loading up the wagons as the French advance with Indians on their left, Regulars in the centre & Militia on the right.
 On the left, the 2 French Indian units have overwhelmed a ranger unit in the woods, then 1 has engaged the Brit regs on the road with their bows while the other has set fire to the trading post.  On the right, the Canadian Militia & Regulars have blown away Indians defending the village and are advancing through it. 
The French Indians have forced the Brit Regulars back with their bow fire from the woods.  The fire in the trading post is spreading.  The Canadian Militia have slaughtered the civilians trying to drive the wagons away.
The British Regulars on the left have been routed by bowfire.  The Militia was forced back behind the houses by the British reinforcements coming up the road, but they have redeployed and have destroyed the Brit Indians in the field.   At this stage, the Brits had lost more than 2/3 of their army and the trade goods had been captured, so the French had 2 VP's and the battle was over.

Game 3: Leigh's French attacking Barrie's British
In this game, the French managed to set fire to the trading post, but the British managed to get the goods away.  Neither side lost more than 2/3 of their forces, so both sides got 1 VP & it was declared a draw.
The 3 games gave John some good pointers on how to refine his scenario.

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