Sunday, August 11, 2013

Muskets & Tomahawks at Barrie's

Jim's French Canadians v. Barrie & Mike's British

470 points. 
French Objective "Engagement" = to destroy 2/3 of the enemy.
British objective "Protection" = to preserve at least half of the civilians in the village.
The British deployed first. Their 2 Provincial close order infantry units are in reserve.  Their 2 Indian units are on their right of the village (left in pic) & their 2 rifle armed Ranger units are on their left of it. They also have civilians in 2 of the houses (RH & rear in pic).
The 2 French Regular units are right of centre, their 2 Militia units left of centre & they have Indians on both flanks.
 On the left the Brit Indians engaged the Militia & Indians in a firefight.  In the centre the Rangers shot up the French regs which advanced anyway.  On the right, the French Indians attacked & destroyed 1 ranger unit in the RH wood then turned left and drove the 2nd ranger unit back.
The fire fight on the left continued with the French militia getting the worst of it.   The French regs on the left were driven back by the civilians fire.  The British Provincials have come on from reserve in the right rear.  The 2nd French reg unit fell back behind the fence ready for them.  The Indians have advanced on the remaining Rangers.
 The French Indians have finished off the Rangers in the centre.  The French regs have stormed the 2 storey building killing & capturing a bunch of civilians.
On the left the Brits pulled an Indian unit back to meet the French Indians moving across their rear, but a combined attack by both French Indian units supported by fire from the Militia pouted both the British Indian units & killed a few more civilians as well.

The Brits have failed to meet their victory condition as more than half of the civilians have been killed or captured.  The French have met theirs having destroyed more than 2/3 of the enemy troops.  Most the damage was caused by the Indians on the right flank who destroyed 2 Ranger & 1 Indian unit plus several civilians.  The British thought them to be lucky, the French thought them to be well handled.

As I mentioned last week, I have made up an improved summary sheet to replace the sadly inadequate one provided in the book.  I have also made up an index of sub-headings which makes it easy to find what you want to know in the book (maybe it's the translation from the French, but things are often not where you expect them to be).  With the new QRS & the Index on opposite sides of an A4 sheet, the game was so much easier for relative newbies to play.  We found another thing to add to the summary sheet today so I'll update it shortly.   You can get a pdf copy here:


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