Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday afternoon Bolt Action for retired gentlemen

Jim's Panzergrenadiers v. Chris's British infantry

1,050 points Point Defense scenario, Germans attacking.
The Germans are attacking from the left.  The 3 objectives are the crossroads and two supply dumps, one beside the road on the right, one in the wheat field on the far side.  The Brits have their Cromwell, HMG, an infantry section, Piat & HQ in the village.  There is another infantry section near each objective.  Their light and medium mortars are near the far objective.  The two Bren carriers are transporting their 4th infantry section.  The Germans have brought on a Stug and a Hanomag with infantry on the right, 2 Hanomags with an infantry and HQ on the left and an HMG in wood on the left. 
The armour are exchanging fire without effect.  On both flanks the Hanomags are providing covering fire as the panzergrens debus to attack.  The Germans on the right are suffering badly from fire from the village, but the German HMG firing down the road is returning the favour.  The Piat tried to get the Hanomag but missed and was shot up by the panzergrens.
On the right the German infantry has been decimated & pinned down, but the Brits have been destroyed completely & the Hanomag has taken the objective (the figures behind it are the dead Brits).  On the left the Brits got off the bugs only to be assaulted and destroyed as the Germans over-ran the objective.  The Cromwell went back to try & take it back, but as usual was toasted by a panzerfaust.

The Germans have 2 of 3 objective so have won.  Correction: Vehicles cannot take/hold objectives, so the Germans have only taken the far objective & the battle is a draw.


Anonymous said...

toast is yet again toast,would have been good to watch

fireymonkeyboy said...

I like that StuG.