Monday, September 02, 2013

Muskets & Tomahawks at Barrie's

Jim's French Canadians v. Barrie's British 400 pts

French objective: Defend the village.
British objective: Slaughter the villagers.
The Brits are coming on the far side.  They have 3 elite militia units on the right & 2 Indian units on the left. The French have 2 regular units behind hedges in front of the store (2 storey building) and the whorehouse  (on the right) plus Indians on the right, militia on the left.  They have another Indian & Militia unit in reserve at the mercy of the dice gods..
 Hot fire from the elite militia has decimated the French regulars who have retired into the whorehouse.
The French regulars on the left moved to the right to defend the whorehouse, but suffered the same fate as their comrades & the survivors also retreated to the whorehouse.  The Brit militia also drove the French Indians off.

The French Militia on the left retired to the farmhouse as the French reserves finally came up - Indians on the right, militia on the left.  The Brit Militia stormed the whorehouse where the French survivors were holed up.  They killed the French at the door & windows and rushed in to dispose of the ladies.  The undefended store also fell as the Brit Indians advanced on that flank.

The French were now just playing for time hoping the End-The-Game dice would happen before they were over-run.  It didn't happen.  Their remaining Indians ran away due to army morale and the Brit Militia stormed the farmhouse to complete the British win.


fireymonkeyboy said...

That terrain is ace. Did you make cornfield, and if so, how?


Jim Gandy said...

The M&T table is Barrie's. He says you can buy the seeds at any nursery, but this one's from Dixon's Wild West range. Redoubt do one too.