Sunday, September 22, 2013

Barrie's Sunday School: COC & M&T

Chain of Command

Jim's Panzergrenadiers defending v. Barrie's Brits in Scenario 4: Delaying Action.
This scenario is fought lengthwise on the standard 6x4 table.  The Germans, deployed at the near end of the table, have to defend the jump off point in their rear.  Their infantry have been deployed forward with their MMG near the objective and their Panzerschreck on the corner.  The infantry on the right was deployed over the road, but has fell back their target unit ran behind the church.
The Germans have redeployed their right and rear while their left flank has disposed of the enemy squad on the left flank and popped a bug with a panzerfaust as well.
The German left flank unit lost heavily, but has withdrawn into the ruined building & rallied.  The second Carrier has been popped by the panzerscreck.  The British have tried to fire over the walls from hard cover at the Germans in the soft cover hedges, but the Germans' firepower is winning out.  The survivors from the carriers have tried to move down the left but are being shot up by the mmg near the objective.  The British conceded.  Once again the German's use of the buzz saws backed up by good command dice gave them decisive victory. 

Muskets & Tomahawks

Meanwhile on the other table, a couple of hundred years further back, John's French won a close struggle with Rusty's British.

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fireymonkeyboy said...

So, I am perhaps slightly jealous of the terrain set-up on the M&T table. Looks too damn yummy.