Sunday, September 29, 2013

Battle for Fort Carillon - Muskets & Tomahawks

An historical scenario set up by Barrie:

French: John, Jim, Leigh
British: Rusty, Mark, Nick

The British are attacking from the left.  Two waves of troops are coming on land and 2 units on boats.  The French have a line of abatis in front of the wood on the heights defended by 3 regular units.  Some militia & Indians are hidden in the woods.  The fort is defended by two guns and another regular unit hidden nearby.   The battle starts in morning mist with only 6" visibility.

When the fog lifted (during turn 2) the Brits have 2 units disembarking on the beach, 4 facing the abatis and some militia working their way down the French right flank.   The French had their front line on overwatch and opened up a withering fire on the approaching British.  They got their regulars card next and followed that up with an even more destructive volley.  The British frontline before the abatis melted away under Leigh's dice.
A second wave of Brits came on to attack the abatis and met the same fate as their predecessors.  The men off the boats were shot up by militia in the woods to their front, then a regular unit popped up on their flank to finish them off.   The British militia ran the gauntlet of Indian fire down the far edge of the table and then moved towards the fort.  But the Indians and French militia moved back to meet them and destroyed them.

The battle went much like the original - a British disaster.  The French had a good strategy then backed it up with pretty sensational dice - a perfect storm for the Brits.

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Truscott Trotter said...

I think Leigh is scared he has used his entire years supply of 5's and 6's in this one game!