Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lastest Accessories

I've made posters of the QRS's for both Bolt Action & Chain of Command to put on the wall above the small table.  Until we make up our minds which rule set we like best we need both.  The fact that the COC one is A0 while the BA one fits on A1 is probably indicative of the relative degree of complexity.  This COC QRS is not the original one posted by TFL, but a fan-made one that is much better: You can get it at:   http://lasthussar.wordpress.com/2013/09/16/chain-of-command-qr-sheet/  It's 6 A4 sheets that I've put together.  The BA sheet is a cut & paste of the standard Rules Summary with some easy to remember bits left out to trim it down to A1.
The foam trays in my very neat & airline friendly FOW troop transporter just don't fit 28mm figures & vehicles, so I made up some deeper wooden trays for it.  The trays are lined with non-slip plastic mat which works well enough for local trips in the car.  For travelling to Cancon I'll probably put some foam dividers &/or foam peanuts in as well.  I made three 65mm deep trays, one 42mm tray & an MDF cover.  The small tray can be used for low profile infantry & support weapons, left out to leave room for rule books, change of underwear, etc, or inverted over a 65mm tray to allow pikemen, lancers & standard bearers to be transported.  There's space for two BA or COC armies, or one Hail Caesar style army.  Bolt Action now sell a 28mm travel case, but it's too big to be legal carry-on luggage in Australia.

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