Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Scottish Civil War

Covernanters: Mike & Steve
Royal Scots: Jim & Chris

700 pts using Hail Cromwell rules (hail Caesar house ruled for renaissance period).
The Royal Scots are on the left in 3 divisions.  On their right 2 pike & shot regiments, in the centre a mix of pike, shot, dragoons & horse, on their left highlanders with some dragoons & horse.
The Covernanters have pike & shot divisions on their right & centre, a cavalry division on  heir left.  They have 2 light guns on the right.
The Royals tried to make a general advance, but allowed their centre to get a bit ahead - for which the lead units suffered before their comrades caught up.
On the far flank the Highlanders are advancing more slowly than their leaders would like.  In the centre the musketeers are blasting away.  On the near flank, the Royals formed hedgehog to stop the Covernanter horse.
On the far flank the Highlanders did some damage with their first charge, but not enough.  Their have steadied & the Highland division has stalled.  In the centre, poor command delayed a Royalist pike counterattack.  Half the Covernanter horse is doing a caracole while the rest are slowly moving around the Royalist flank.
On the far flank the highland division is hanging on, but is almost all shaken & it loosk only a matter of time before it breaks.  In the centre the Royalist pikes finally broke through the Covernanter musketeers, but it happened too late & their centre broke.
With their centre broken & both flanks damaged and outnumbered the Royalists conceded the battle.

It was good to get back to the period after a spell in later periods.  We were a bit rusty already, but our house summary sheet soon got us back up to speed.   My new bargain Scots looked magnificent, pity about their performance.  However I later found that due to administrative error they were deployed a gun and a horse unit short ... maybe significant in a close battle.

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