Sunday, September 15, 2013

Chain of Command at Barrie's

Jim's Panzergrenadiers v. Barrie's British

We fought the 3rd scenario in which although there is an attacker & defender with different starting conditions, is really a matter of who's morale breaks first.
The Germans come on from the left, the Brits on the right. 

The Brits have an infantry squad in the ruins in the centre, together with HQ, another infantry squad in the wood on the right (some trees removed to place the troops) & the 3rd behind the thatched building on the left. Their support choice a Carrier has just come on on the road.

The Germans have an infantry squad in the woods in the foreground, one behind the wall in front of the ruined church, & the 3rd one in the woods on the far left.  Their commander & Panzerschrek are on the other side of the church & their support choice an HMG is in front of the right hand side of the church.
The Brits in the centre advanced to the wall in front of the ruins but were soon sent back by a storm of machine gun fire.   The Germans in the centre have now advanced from their original position onto the road.

On the right the German squad has advanced to the hedge line and with the support og th HMG in the centre is getting the better of the firefight with the Brits in the wood.
The Carrier has moved up to engage the German HMG. 
The carrier has been blown up by the Panzerschrek.  The Brits on the right have broken & retreated back into the wood.  The Brit squad on the left moved down the road to help out their comrades, but the Germans got two phases in a row, moved their centre infantry onto the road and hit them so hard their retaliation was knackered & they never recovered.

The Brits conceded, saving us the trouble of trying to figure out the morale rules (after 3 games they are still a mystery to me).   That's two big wins in my two goes at COC.  Perhaps Barrie is letting me win to make me like his favourite game.  I did throw good dice - but when you get so many some have to be good - you gotta love Hitler's buzzsaws.  But the command system allows you really exploit an advantage if the dice cooperate & you've got the hang of how to use them.

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John Lambshead said...

Lovely set up. This period is great fun.