Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday Afternoon Bolt Action

Mark flexed the afternoon off for a game of  Bolt Action.   He took Veteran British & defended a Envelopment scenario against Jim's Veteran Germans. 
The Brits are on the left.  The Germans are advancing an infantry squad in the foreground supported by a Hanomag & a Panzerschreck in the centre and a medium mortar & (deceased) HMG on the ridge behind.  Two squads are advancing through the village with the CO.  The Brits have 2 infantry squads in the village supported by a carrier on the far flank.  Their Cromwell & other support weapons defend their left.   
On the near flank the German infantry have made it to the wood to gain 2 VPs.   The Cromwell survived a pinning hit from the Panzerschreck, but has failed to hit anything itself.  The British barrage hampered the German attack through the village, and although one squad charged through the village & destroyed a British squad, it was taken out by a counterattack by the other British squad.  The game ended on turn 6 with 3 German units destroyed to give the British 6VPs, while the Germans killed 2 Brit units for 2 VPs & 1 unit into the enemy deployment zone for 2 more, making it a 6:4 British victory. 

An enjoyable little battle with a big first - the Cromwell that ahs earned the name "Toast" survived a battle fully operational for the first time.  Pity it couldn't hit anything itself.

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