Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Introducing Mike to FOW

With our roster system in a bit of disarray due to my plumbing problems we decided it was time to introduce Mike to FOW.   Steve took my Kingston KUP army & attacked in a No Retreat Mission.  Mike defended with Indian Rifles & my assistance.
Two Indian rifle platoons defended the village with support from a/tank guns & mortars.  The a/tank gun ambush only got 1 38(t) before the guns were blown away by a hail of return fire.  Steve then made a systematic attack on the village while Mike prayed for reserves to turn up.
The Germans have overrun the village, the Valentines have got up in time to dispute the objective & keep the war going.
With the Valentines pinned down disputing the forward objective, the 38(t)'s rushed around the Indian left flank and took the other objective.    Steve hadn't played FOW for a while but didn't seem to have forgotten much.

The upcoming gamesmaster roster is:
13/05/14: Steve - WWI naval.
20/05/14: Mike - Napoleonic 28mm.
27/05/14: Mark - tba.

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