Thursday, May 15, 2014

It's a long way to Brigadoon

This scenario is based on the It's a Long Way to Killarney scenario in Pike & Shotte.  Not having suitable 16th century troops I moved the action on about 80 years to Scotland & the Civil War.

Nick's English:
Cavalry division: 2 heavy cavalry, 1 dragoon.
1st Infantry division: 2 pike & 4 shotte.
2nd Infantry division: 3 pike & 6 shotte.
Baggage train: Two wagons each with a musketeer guard.
The English enter the table in road column at the north end.

Jim's Scots:
Cavalry division:  3 medium lancer, 1 dragoon.
1st Highlander: 2 warbands, 2 musketeer.
2nd Highlander: 2 warbands, 2 musketeer.
Lowland division: 2 pike & 4 shotte.
the Scots start in hidden deployment.  The 9 woods & enclosures are marked A-J.  The Scots have 9 counters A-J & place the appropriate one face down next to each division on the storage tray to show where it is deployed.  To be put down when moved, or if the enemy move within 12"

Victory conditions:
English: Enter from the north end and get the baggage train off the south edge,
Scots: Pillage the baggage.
 The English advance guard is scouting ahead.  the Scots are all still hidden.
Scots are popping out of the woods & shooting up the English horse.
The Scots Lowlanders advance to engage the enemy centre in firefight bringing 4 shott units to bear on two.   The Scots cavalry pop out of the wood on the far side.  The Scots in the foreground are having command problems.  The English cavalry have withdrawn.
The Scots in the foreground have finally got moving.  The English centre is crumbling.  More Highlanders a have popped up on the far flank & the Scots cavalry have moved towards the centre to make room leaving their dragoons in the wood.  The English are desperately trying to deploy in limited space.
The 1st English Infantry division has broken in the centre.  Their cavalry tried to counterattack, but bounced off the highlanders. 

The English cavalry have been driven off, a counterattack by 1 pike & 2 shotte of the 2nd division has been stopped & the highlanders & scots cavalry have over-run the baggage train.

The Scots got on top early by being aggressive & the English never really got to use their extra numbers efficiently.  

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