Sunday, May 04, 2014

Kingston KUP Day 2

There were two games on day 2 to wrap up the competition.  After day 1 only 3 players were undefeated, Smithy, Andrew Oates & Richard.
My 4th round match was a No Retreat v. Richard's previously undefeated Japanese horde (which attacked at night).  All looked lost about turn 4 when my front line had been overwhelmed, the 2nd line pushed back & the objective overrun.  But the 38(t)'s arrived just in time to disput the objective & finish off the Japanese armour.  Then the sun rose & the Japanese tide stopped then melted away under a hail of 105 shells, tank mgs & mg42's.

In the critical battle of the round Smithy beat reining champion Andrew Oakes to be the only undefeated player.  Going into the last round Smithy was in front, but there was a pack of potential 4:1 players hot on his heels.
My last round was against Patrick's Japs on a snow covered field.  This was a Blind Domination Mission, not a standard FOW Mission.  There were 6 counters face down on the table each worth 1, 2 or 3 points.  To win you either had destroy the enemy (thus gaining all 12 pts), hold 8 pts of objectives after turn 6 or hold the majority of objective points when time runs out.  With the advantage of 1st move & the stormtrooper rule I grabbed 10 pts early, but 3 were taken back before turn 6.  The Wehrmach steadily destroyed the Japanese in the ensuing slugfest, but time ran out before the objective could be retaken.  The total destruction of the Japanese for 12 points was not possible as they don't take coy morale tests, you have to kill them all.  But a 7:5 win was just enough to make 3rd place..

Final results:
1st: Andrew Smith, Kingston Bunker Rats, French.
2nd: Andrew Oates, Monday Knights, French Recon.
3rd: Jim Gandy, Camp Cromwell, German Schutzen.

Club Competition (Best aggregate of the clubs 3 best players):
1st: Kingston Bunker Rats.
2nd Camp Cromwell.
3rd Monday Knights.
4th Launceston Gaming Club.
Team Cromwell: Jim, Leigh & Byron.   Both Leigh & I fought under duress, Leigh walking with a stick after a hip op & I with a catheter at one end & a head cold at the other.  But it's amazing how discomfort disappears once you get the smell of blood.  We were pretty pleased with ourselves in making 2nd place ahead of the infamous Monday Knights.

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Truscott Trotter said...

Perhaps it tie to rename it Camp Walking Wounded?
Well done chaps and congrats for :
a.) Beating MKers
2.) Managing to complete the weekend