Friday, May 30, 2014

Panzer Brigade 111

Nick vs Rob in Launceston.  1750 points, Flames of War.

Since my Banzer Brigade 106 force was destroyed totally last week, I have decide this time the force had to come from Panzer Brigade 111.  There were 4 panzer brigades, and when I lose my 4th battle I suppose I have to burn the figures (or maybe not).

Anyway, this time the Panthers were attacking a horde of Chaffees in a pincer -- just what the Chaffees needed to get behind the Panther's flank armour and destroy them.  I realised I had to win by turn 3 or I was toast.  I managed to pull it off, but only because Rob made the mistake of circling around behind my Panthers with his CinC and 2iC, and then rolling 1's to hit!  Even then I lost one platoon of infantry to a chaffee ambush and my platoon of jagdpanzer IV/L70s to bazookas and side shots from his 2iC.  If Rob had had his CinC still alive my assault onto his armoured rifles would have failed as he could have rerolled morale before losing his armoured rifles on a morale check, or rolled for company morale and stayed to fight another turn. As it was, a 4:3 for me. The Panzer Brigade forces are so, so, so fragile!!!!

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Anonymous said...

nick this is why they should be defending,not attacking