Saturday, May 03, 2014

Kingston KUP Day 1

The Kingston Bunker Rat's annual Flames of War Tournament Kicked off today at the Battery Point Community Hall with 20 players & 10 tables.   There were 5 players from the Monday Knights Wargames Club in Melbourne,  3 from Launceston, 3 from Camp Cromwell & the rest from Kingston.
After the 3 battles of day 1 there were 3 players undefeated, Andrew Oates from The Monday Knights and Munt & Smithy from Kingston.  I was pretty happy to have 2 wins & one loss with my Schurtzen Coy: HQ, 2 Infantry with MG's, 4 HMGs, 3 Pak 36's, 4 105's & 5 38(t)'s.

 Round 1: Defending Breakthrough v. Darcy Jones from Monday Knights with NZ Rifles.
My infantry & 38(t)'s destroyed the Kiwi infantry coming on the flank leaving the Matilda's on their own.  When both bogged attacking through the hedge, it was game over.  6:1 for the Bad Guys.

My prize for a 6:1 win in the first round was to defend in a counterattack mission against Andrew Oates' (Monday Knights) horde of French light armour on an open battlefield.   I soon learned why Andrew is the habitual champion FOW player.   He saw the weakness of my situation immediately & exploited it ruthlessly.  I felt I did alright salvaging a 2:5 loss.

The third Battle was Fighting Withdrawal. I attacked v. another Monday Knight - this time with Australians - an army not dissimilar to the Kiwis of round 1.  I enjoyed this one.  My infantry went down both flanks avoiding the Matildas.  A good plan was backed up with hot dice & I had a 6:1 within an hour.

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