Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Napoleonics 28mm

Jim's British v. Steve & Mark's French

Mike set up the scenario and provided the troops.   The Brits had a small force with 2 wagons on the road with some guns and infantry defending a bridge at their end of the table.   The Brits had to get the wagons & as much of their army as they could over the bridge.   The French with a much larger force had to capture the wagons & destroy as many English units as they could.

We used our Hail Frederick rules - Hail Caesar modified for the Black Powder period in 28mm.
The British light cavalry have deployed to cover the tail of the column on the road. Infantry & guns guard the bridge.  French Cuirassiers & infantry are behind them.  More French cavalry have come on the left side.  
More French have come on the far end but poor command dice has slowed their advance.  The front British infantry division has deployed in front of the road to cover the baggage train.  
The British flank guard has formed square while the baggage has almost reached the bridge.  The British hussars fall back slowly before a slow French advance.   The French Cuirassiers & 2nd infantry division are trying to go down the right side of the farm, but are still throwing poor command dice.   The British artillery has broken one of the French cavalry units.
The French are forming up to attack, but the baggage is almost over the bridge.
The British hussars have broken under the fire of the French infantry.  Their flank guard has begun to fall back. 
The square of riflemen somehow hold on as the British infantry fall back.
The British rear guard is about to break & the battle is over.

The Brits got their baggage away and had an infantry & a cavalry division broken.  2 cavalry units and 1 infantry units were cut off from retreat over the bridge and were destroyed.  2 infantry units broke, but could escape over the bridge.  The French had 1 cavalry unit broken. 

The Brits probably did the best they could in the situation while the French were hampered by bad command dice early on - which made it very difficult for them to cut off the wagons.  We used command ratings of 8 for both sides, but thought afterwards that 9 would have been more appropriate for French & British.  This would have helped the French more than the British in this scenario.

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