Tuesday, October 28, 2014

1806 Campaign Practice

We have just started an 1806 campaign.  Campaign moves are on a hex map of the theatre of war using Peter William's campaign rules.   The enemy's deployment and manoeuvres are hidden until discovered by contact on the map.  Battles are to be fought using our Hail Napoleon variant of Hail Caesar with 15mm or 6mm figures (depending on the size of the battle).

Umpire: Peter Williams by email from Canberra.
French: Mike (Chief of Staff), Chris, Mark, Nick, PeterC.
Prussians: Jim, Steve, James, Barrie, Byron.

Tonight we fought a practice battle using 15mm figures to bed down Hail napoleon and to familiarise ourselves with fighting with 15mm (after mostly using 28's for a good while).

Prussians:  2 Mixed"Divisions" each 1 infantry division, a cavalry division & 2 batteries, commanded by Jim & Steve.
French: 1 Corps of 2 infantry divisions, 4 batteries & a light cavalry brigade, commanded by Mike & Mark.

The Prussians start with 1 Division in the village, the other coming down the road from the north.  The French start on the west table edge.
Pic above shows initial deployment.

The French attack the village with massed columns on both sides and an artillery bombardment in the centre.  The Prussian cavalry have advanced on the French left forcing much of Mark's division into square.
The Prussian in the village are holding on.  They've beaten off some of the Frogs, but losses are mounting.  Steve's horse has pinned down a lot of Mark's infantry, but some has got past and is attacking the orchard.   Two successive blunders have stopped Steve's infantry column just short of being useful.
The Prussians in the village have broken under nearly 2: odds.  Steve's infantry have still only deployed 1 infantry unit & the battery.
Steve's cuirassiers have broken a square & their sweeping advance has driven back the hussars. 

The French managed to get their battery unlimbered before the Cuirassiers could get to them, ending Steve's chance of a decisive breakthrough.  The Prussians decided to pull off while their 2nd Division was still in good shape to fight another day.

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Looks great, nice terrain!