Friday, October 10, 2014

Nick in Launceston -- Crescent and Cross

A quick, bloody, and fun game of Crescent and Cross (crusades era Saga). Starn had Crusaders, Nick had Saracens.

The Crusaders charged in from the start, with their knights rushing headlong into the fray, The initial battles were even. But Nick's leader tried to break through the crusader line with two units of Ghulams, pushing forces hard in the one turn to try to create a crack in the crusaders line. But the strategy didn't work, and suddenly Osama Bin-Nick was surrounded and cut down. This, however, left the crusader general ('Starn the Bold') exposed, and he too died (this time in a hail of arrows). But the damage had been done. With the flower of Islam dead on the battlefield, the Crusaders quickly mopped up what was left.

Summary -- Starn enjoyed the game, so we are doing a dark ages Saga in 2 weeks!

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Cailus said...

Would love to try this but have too many others to play as it is!