Saturday, October 25, 2014

Chain of Command at the Garage

John came up to give me a test battle of Chain of Command.  Soviets attacking a village defended by Russians.

We ran out of time, so John ended the battle with a suicide rush to show me how assaults worked. 

The system ran smoothly, once you got the hang of the order dice.  It really is a battle of platoon vs platoon, with squad MG's dominating the battlefield.  Cover plays a dramatic role.  I am sure there are several things we got wrong, but to me it seemed another rule set that covers the small scale skirmish well.


Jim Gandy said...

But you indicated their fatal flaw - you didn't finish. They are a complex set of rules you have to spend a lot of time learning. Fine if it's the only game you want to play, but not so good if small scale WWII is only one of many genres you are interested in.

Truscott Trotter said...

Jim it was Nicks first game with lots of rule explaining and dog breaks it is normally finished within 2 hours