Thursday, October 02, 2014

Napoleonics at Good games

Jim's Frogs v. Chris' Austrians

This Thursday for our retired gentlemen's game Chris & I took Hail Whoever Napoleonics to the Good Games LGS.  Both sides had 2 infantry divisions of 6 line battalions, a cavalry division of 3 regiments & a battery of 2 gun figs.  To make up for the French being 9 command to the Austrian 8, the Austrians also had  a grenz battalion (2 small units) & a grenadier battalion.  The cavalry could be split into 2 brigades.
The French are on the left in the pics.  The French made a map of their deployment, the Austrians deployed, then the French deployed to their map.  Both sides chose to put their dragoons on the far flank and their hussars & cuirassiers on the near flank.
The French infantry are advancing in column.  The cavalry on the near flank are also advancing.  On the far flank the dragoons have been held back. 
On the far flank the Austrian dragoons have beaten the French dragoons.  In the centre part of the Austrian front line broke at first contact when the French columns charged.  The French cavalry on the near flank charged to try and take advantage of the Austrian's failure to get their cavalry properly deployed, but with mixed success.  They have bounced off the square and lost a hussar for an hussar.  now all the French cavalry have significant casulaties while the Austrian cuirassiers are still fresh.
The French left has formed a line with a square on the end.  Their centre continues to smash through the Austrian centre, including over-running the guns.   Poor command has prevented the Austrian cuirassiers taking advantage of their fresh status.
The Austrian cuirassiers are still only advancing slowly.  The LH Austrian infantry division has broken.  On the far flank the Austrian dragoons have bounced off the square.
On the far flank the shaken Austrian dragoons have fallen back to rally.  Their infantry counterattack from around the back of orchard has failed and now that infantry division has also broken.   The Austrian cavalry on the near flank are pushing the French back, but it's too late, the Austrians have failed their army break test.

The French effectively concentrated their attack on the left of the Austrian infantry line.  The Austrian infantry around the orchard were unable to get involved until it was too late & their cavalry was too slow to exploit early advantages.  The French won by making better use of their superior command than the Austrians did of their superior numbers.

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