Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Play Testing for Operation Cromwell V

Preparations for our annual FOW doubles comp, Operation Cromwell V, to be played 11-12 Oct, are just about complete.  I'm happy with the scenarios & am fine tuning the terrain.  We have a full quota of entrants: 4 Axis & 4 Allied teams.  Armies are 2 coys totalling 2,500 pts.  The 4 Axis teams will play each of the 4 Allied teams in 4 different scenarios, each on an 8'x6' table specifically designed for the scenario. 

Kampfgruppe Kromwell: Steve & James (Panzers & Panzergrenadiers)
Cromwell's Warts: Jim & Chris (Kiwi Rifles)

Tonight we play tested the Djebel Ali Baba scenario - a fight for a strategic mountain and adjacent passes.  Steve's team-mate for the comp, NickB is in Launceston, so James helped out tonight.
The Germans won 6:4 though the death roll was much more in their favour than that.  The scenario itself is good, but we found a few issues with the terrain where we think could improve the scenario by making negative tactics less attractive by opening up more opportunities for attack. 

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