Sunday, September 28, 2014

M&T at Nick's

Today John & I took M&T to Nick's to introduce him the genre.
My mission as the British was to burn the 3 buildings on the left, coming on from the near edge.   My Militia shot up the French regulars & their few survivors retreated up the road behind their Indians in the orchard.  My Indians fought off the Militia in the big building (with the roof off) and then set it alight.   All was going well until the turn my militia in the foreground got all their cards first up & advanced to set fire to the nearest building.  But then the British Militia in reserve came on from the left with all 4 cards to come.  With no actions available the British militia was helpless for the rest of the turn as they were attacked from the left by the militia & the right by the Indians who came down the road.  A last lunge at victory by trying to take out the surviving French regulars with my Indians & firing the third house was stopped by good shooting by their 3 survivors.  I blame my defeat on being forced to use British troops for the first time.  I was quite discombobulated.

We tried out a computer program I wrote to select the cards, shuffle them and deal them out - with a touch screen netbook on the table.   I found a little glitch in the system near the end of the first turn & we reverted to cards to compare - only to find after a couple of turns that my Indians had been short changed by a card slipping to the floor undetected.   We reverted to the program for the last turn & at least my Indians got all the moves again, even it was too little too late.  The verdict on the computer assist v. using the cards: A one-all draw today, but I know how to fix the minor computer issue, nothing will stop human error.

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