Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Napoleonic 28mm

Chris made up tonight scenario.  The Austrians are retreating before a superior French force, but have been ordered to hold the vital bridge and crossroad.

The Austrians have one infantry division deployed on the river, the other infantry division & the cavalry are still over the river.  The French have just come onto the table.

The Austrian infantry have formed a double line behind the river.  Their cavalry charged the advancing French cavalry and beat them back, but lost a unit in the process.
The French infantry have formed lines to fire over the river.  The French cavalry have advanced again.

French counterbattery fire has broken the smaller Austrian battery.  The Austrian cavalry has retreated over the river, but all units are now shaken.  The French cavalry have used their superior command to has fall back, rally their shaken unit and advance again.
Both sides are losing battalions in the firefight., but the French artillery has advanced to close range is really hurting the Austrians.  The French cavalry has crossed the creek and has broken the Austrian horse.  The Austrian grenadier battalion ahs been sent right to cover the flank.
The French cavalry has turned right and charged the Austrian infantry which had gambled on staying in line & finishing off the weakened cavalry with musketry before they could charge.  Their musketry wasn't effective enough and the lines were ridden down.

That broke the Austrian infantry division on the right so it was game over.

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