Monday, September 22, 2014

Nick in Launceston -- FOW and FOF

Nick vs Matt in FOW

A 1500 point late war bash -- 11th Armoured vs Kampfguppe Spindler somewhere in the Netherlands.

This looked to be over on turn 1 when Matt, with his new FOW dice tin, shot 6 times with 88's needing a 5 or 6, and hit 5 times, destroying the British commander, second in command, and one whole platoon. This was roughly 1/2 the British force! Some more shots from Pak 40's only managed a bail. The British slowly fought back, despatching the 88's, then the Pak 40's, and then the StuG G assault guns that arrived from reserve, and then the heavy artillery that arrived from reserve. All of a sudden, Matt had infantry dripping with Panzerfausts that couldn't be attacked, but only some mortars that could reach out and touch the British. An extended stalemate lasted a few turns until Nick launched an assault with his one infantry platoon. The Germans didnt manage to stop the assault, and they were pushed off the objective. Once out of their trenches, the tank machine guns took their toll, and Nick managed to steal a victory.

Dennis vs Daniel in FOF

A spectacular looking game, where Daniel's US special forces were actually rather mediocre, and ended up being overrun by Taliban.

See the detailed write up on Daniels blog:

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