Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday Afternoon at Good Games

A new Games Store has opened in Hobart - Good Games in Brisbane St between Elizabeth & Argyle.  They are of course mainly concerned with fantasy & sci-fi, but they are also supportive of historical games.  They quite reasonably don't carry stock in historical stuff (we being such a fickle lot), but will order stuff in.  They have a well lit & spacious area with a coffee & snack bar available for all comers to play games in.  Thursday is designated historical wargames day in their calendar. 
Today I took some Bolt Action troops & terrain along and introduced Munt from the Bunker Rats & a young bloke named Miles to the game.
Munt chose to be British & as can happen was put on the back foot when his artillery barrage turned friendly in turn 2.  With plenty of non-historical experience Miles soon picked up on the game system  & took full advantage of Munt's difficulties.  It turned into a crushing German victory but the lads clearly enjoyed the game. 


Truscott Trotter said...

Great to see a FLGS rather than simple a LGS look forward to visiting - how is there range of paints n stuff?

lap1964 said...

How come Munt looks like he's lost a fiver and found a pound ?

Jim Gandy said...

He just got splattered by friendly fire.