Tuesday, September 02, 2014

More 28mm Napoleonics

Jim & Chris' Austrians v. Mike & Steve's French

I made up a scenario on the spot for tonight's battle using our Hail Caesar variant for 28mm figs in the black powder era, Hail Frederick.

Both armies have 3 columns converging on the village and vital crossroad.  The pic is taken after the first move.  Steve's column moving down the road on the left foreground have already deployed into line and started to advance.  Mike's column is coming down the road from the far edge.  Mike's cavalry is coming down the road from the far left corner.  The Austrians have two infantry columns converging on the village, Jim's this side and Chris's on the right.  Jim's cavalry division is on the ridge at the far right corner of the table.

Mike's infantry column on the far side of the village has got there first.   His cavalry is moving around the wood to cover the infantry's left flank.  Everyone else is having command problems and are deploying slowly.

 Steve's infantry has moved up into musket range (12" in Hail Frederick).  Mike's infantry in the houses are holding Chris back.  The head of his column has just failed to charge home on the head of Jim's column.  On the other side of the village half the Austrian cavalry have just charged and taken the French battery of 2 guns, then rallied back.  The other half of the cavalry failed to advance leaving their comrades out on a limb. 

In the foreground Jim's infantry is hard pressed and giving ground (the French have 6 dice to 5 in musket fire).  Chris has lost units, but his gun is pounding the village & the French are hurting too.   On the far flank a furious cavalry melee is going on. 

In the foreground Jim's infantry is melting away.  In the centre Chris is assaulting the village ina  desperate attempt o take it before the Austrian left collapses.  The cavalry fight has petered out with both sides too badly hurt to continue and rallying back.

Chris' attack on the village has failed and his division is broken.   The Austrian cavalry is too badly hurt to advance.  The Austrian left is outnumbered and break next turn to end the battle in a French victory.

The Austrians cavalry was their strength (2 cuirassiers & 2 dragoons v. 2 dragoons & 2 hussars) & after their gamble with the charge on the guns came off they had a significant advantage.  They did break 2 French cavalry and 2 guns while losing only 1 dragoon, but the cuirassiers were shaken and the surviving dragoon nearly so they could not exploit the win.  They had to win decisively so they could assist the infantry.  As it was the French infantry won the day.

The Hail Frederick variations to HC have really tightened up over the last few battles as we filled in a few gaps & fine tuned them.  As usual we had a quick & entertaining battle that even the losers enjoyed.  (I got my rocks off charging the guns with my dragoons).


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