Saturday, August 30, 2014

Away game at Dave's: Vimero

Mike, Steve & I made another trek up the valley to Daves' place for a 28mm Napoleonic battle.  Dave set up a Vimero scenario.  The figures are all of Dave's collection topped up with a few of Mike's French dragoons & Brit inf.
The Brits are on the left, Steve commanding their right (near end), Mike their left.  Dave is in charge of the French left & your correspondent has the French right. The French have another division on a  flank march, to come in on the road on far end of the table after the French get 3+ units engaged.  The Brits have a smaller division in reserve to come on rear centre.
The French advance, except for their dragoons who's leader seem confused about their role.  Mike has advanced to a position around the village.  Steve has sent his riflemen forward to skirmish.
The French have engaged the Brits around the village & their flanking force has arrived.  Mike is redeploying infantry to face the flank threat.
Dave's left stands on the defensive against superior numbers.  His centre has advanced to support the attack on the right, but the move is compromised by the timidity of the dragoon commander.  The flank attack is making progress.  The French pinning force facing the village is suffering from the British artillery.
Steve's infantry on the ridge threw a blunder for command and a minor adjustment of his position turned into a devastating attack.  The French dragoons were thrown in to fill the resultant gap in the line.  On the far flank opportunities for a quick win by the French flank attack disappeared in some bad command rolls, but they still have the upper hand.
On the far flank the Brits are giving ground before the French attack.  The French centre is collapsing having been left outnumbered due to most of the Dragoons being distracted to save the left.   On the near flank, Steve rode his luck letting his infantry take the dragoon counterattack in line.  The dragoons were beaten off by British musketry.
The French have finally broken the British left, but it is too late, the French left and centre are broken.  The French left can only retire to fight another day.

It was very entertaining battle, though for the French the result was depressingly historical.  It was all done in about 2 hours playing time using our modified Hail Caesar rules.    

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Phil said...

Nice report, a great looing table!