Friday, August 22, 2014

Nick in Launceston -- The Curse of Heavy Tanks

Two historical games at the LGC:

1. Nick vs Dennis. Nick had Russian heavy tanks (a KV-1s company). Dennis had German Panzers -- with 4 x Mark IV, and a whole bunch of Mark III L and M tanks. It started off well for the Russians, with a long range shot sniping a Panzer IV, and aircraft killing another, and then a 3rd going down in a firefight. At this point the wheels fell of for the Russian. The Russian CinC was killed by the German CinC. The Horde of Huns (tm) got behind the KV-1's. A second KV-1 was killed, the remainders in the platoon were bailed, and the KV's failed morale. There was nothing else that could get close enough to the objective.

2. Matt vs Rob in late war. I left before the game was finished, so I don't know exactly what happened -- but the Germans seemed to be holding on against a Chaffee horde.


Matt said...

The yanks with a 4-3 victory

Dead1 said...

I really shouldn't have won with those Panzers especially after the useless Mark IVs got themselves ended.

In the end massed dice courtesy of crappy 5cm guns smacking slightly weaker rear armour brought victory.

Pure luck!