Friday, August 15, 2014

Nick in Launceston -- Dogs of War 2015 setup and a regular game

Two games at the club.

1.  A practice set up for Dogs of War 2015.  The Vietnam table.  Trying to make sure we have suitable terrain and figures.

A fun game with helicopters everywhere.  At first it looked like a commie horde was about to overrun a small defending detachment and the landing zone.  But a few helicopter gunship strafing runs later (and some artillery), and the horde looked much thinned out.  Unfortunately, Rob then had a home emergency, and had to head off.

2.  Nick vs Matt.

The dice gods give, and the dice gods take away.  It started well for Nick (as British), when the German King Tiger was killed before it could fire a shot.  The PAK40 ambush was dealt with.  At this point there were 14 British Sherman tanks vs 3 German StuGs.  The StuG's won!!!!!!

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