Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Napoleonic 28mm - El Perez Scenario from Black Powder

Mark's Austrians v. Steve & James' French

Mike being otherwise engaged with his wife's birthday we had no British troops, so we moved the scenario to Germany & substituted Austrians for the British.  The troops are Jim's freshly painted 28mm's, the rules were our modified Hail Caesar.
The main French Corps is coming on the far edge.  One small unit of French light infantry hold the barricaded bridge in the foreground.  The somewhat outnumbered Austrians are in the middle.  Their task is to get as many troops away as possible.
The French are coming up fast but the Austrian cavalry has charged forward on the right.  Though outnumbered, they have done well - breaking some French dragoons then an infantry battalion as well on the sweeping advance.
The Austrian cavalry attack has come to a halt in face of superior numbers.  On the right the French are about to attack with their flank covered by artillery.  In the distance, the Austrians about to attack the bridgehead.
The attack on the bridgehead is not going well for the Austrians.  The first charge has been repelled.   On the right, the first French wave was repelled, but the second attack has broken through.  In the centre the Austrians are hard pressed.  For the moment bad French command dice are keeping their cavalry safe.
The second attack on the bridge has been repelled by the French light infantry.  The Austrian centre has collapsed, their left is about to follow suit.
It's all over for the Austrians.  The French cavalry finally caught up with their horse and broke them.  Their left has broken.  The bridge is still in French hands.  It was probably a hard ask for the Austrians.  The British lost the battle in the book too. Maybe there's a way for them to win, but we haven't found it yet.


Jonathan Freitag said...
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Jonathan Freitag said...

Is the French held bridge the only means of escape for the Austrians? If so, the White Menace are in for a difficult task. They are between a rock and a hard place!

Phil said...

Great pics and nice looking game!