Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wars of the Roses

Mike's Lancastrians v. Jim's Yorkists

Both sides have 3 "battles" each of 2 bow & two men at arms or billmen.  Mike had 4 knight units & he added two each to his flank battles.  Jim had 2 heavy knight units & 4 sergeants, he added 2 sergeants & the knights to the left battle & 2 sergeants to the right battle.  Mike's billmen in his right battle were heavily armoured.
York is on the right in the pics.  They begin an advance leading with their left.
The knights clash on the left.  In the centre York's bowmen move up into range supported by the men at arms.  On the right, the Lancs knights advance while the York sergeants hold back.
On the left the sergeants have moved around the Lanc's flank.  Behind the knights the York's men at arms charged but failed to reach the enemy foot.  Then their bowmen blundered back instead of moving to cover their flank. Not much is happening on the far flank.
On the left the Lanc's escaped disaster by winning the knight fight before the sergeants could charge.  On the near edge of the ridge the Lancs charged the exposed flank of the York men at arms.  But like the Lanc's knights, they held on until the previously reluctant bowmen could come up and turn the tables.  The battles at the far end are now locked in battle.  Arrows are still flying both ways in the centre.
York renews the attack on the enemy's right.  The far flank is an even and still indecisive fight.
The Lanc' right is crumbing, but the York's right has broken completely after a double or nothing tactical gamble in the infantry fight went bad.
The Lanc's right has finally broken, but it's a move or two too late for York.  The Lanc's have been able to overwhelm the York's centre before it could be done to them.

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