Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday afternoon Bolt Action

Jim's Germans v. Chris' Soviets

Chris & I dusted off our Cancon Bolt Action armies to celebrate his return from his extended tour of the battlefields of Europe.
The dice decreed  the  Envelopment scenario, Germans defending.  The Germans have half their force on the table within 12" of the back edge of the playing area (which is the back of the wood on the left rear of the pic), the rest in Reserve coming on turn 2 or later.  The Soviets have chosen to have 2 units (a T34 & a Smg squad) on flank march.  The rest have started 12" from the RH edge of the table.

In this scenario, the attackers gain 1 VP per enemy unit destroyed plus 2 VPs for any unit in the defender's deployment zone or 3 for any unit got off the enemy's table edge.   The defenders get 2 VPs per enemy unit destroyed.

Things started bad for the Soviets when they failed to get a preliminary bombardment (needing a 1 to miss out).  The Germans started with infantry just behind the village & they quickly occupied the houses.  The terrain and the dice favoured the Germans and they systematically picked off the Soviet units as they advanced.
When the T34 came on in the German flank it shot badly and was immediately blown away by panzerfausts loaded with 6's.  The Soviets conceded with 8 units of their 10 destroyed for no German units lost.

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