Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hail Caesar: Rome v. the Germans

Germans: Mike, James & Chris:
3 infantry & 1 cavalry divisions

Romans: Jim, Mark & SteveD:
2 legionary (inf) & 2 auxillia divisions (mixed cav & inf)

The Romans are on the near side of the table, deployed with the legionaries in the centre & auxilia on each flank.  The Germans cavalry of 4 medium units looked formidable on the far flank & not surprisingly the Germans advanced in echelon right flank forward.  The Romans put their champion of saving lost causes with hot dice, Oakie, on their left and also advanced in echelon right forward.
Bad command dice delayed the German right.  The Roman CIC saw that his horse was little use on the right and started moving it across their rear of his army. 
The German cavalry have now advanced & Oakie has counterattacked with his single heavy cavalry unit.  While their 9 command hasn't entirely eliminated chaos from the Roman line they have seized the initiative in the centre largely countering the barbarian charge bonus by getting in first.
On the left Oakie's cavalry is doing remarkably well, more than holding its own.  The centre is a confused mess of charge and countercharge, but the Romans are getting the upper hand.  On the near flank, the German foot have come out of the wood to attack the auxilia archers.
On the left the German horse has finally been able to use their numbers to gain the upper hand, but Oakie's archers are hanging on grimly while his auxilia spearmen are helping break the German foot.   The Roman cavalry is still moving slowly across the rear (the CIC is a political appointment & only 7 command and it shows). On the near flank, the German archers broke the auxilia archers, but a legionary cohort about faced, attacked the victors in flank & broke them.  Two of the German infantry divisions are now broken & thanks to Oakie's heroic fight on the left the Romans have lost none.  Half an army's divisions broken before  the enemy loses any equals army breaks & game over.

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