Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bolt Action at Good Games then Operation Cromwell Testing

Bolt Action at Good Games
Having enjoyed last week's expedition to Good Games, this afternoon I met Chris there for more Bolt Action.  While the place is primarily focused on fantasy games, it is a convivial venue where even grizzled historical wargamers are made to feel welcome.  We used our 2014 Cancon armies, my Germans fighting Chris's Soviets in the Maximum Attrition scenario (which is basically a Free For All).
The Germans got on top early and never let the Soviets recover.  Chris did have one good rocks-off moment though - after the Germans got one of their best infantry units into the RH house Chris's heavy mortars ranged in next turn and totally destroyed them in one salvo.   The Germans got their own rocks-off moment a bit later when their MkII swung around the back of the wood into the rear of the T34 and put a 20mm cannon shell up its exhaust pipe. 

Flames of War at Camp Cromwell
Back at Camp Cromwell in the evening we test played one of the proposed scenarios for Operation Cromwell, our annual FOW teams comp which is coming up on the weekend of 11-12 October.  Kampfgruppe Kromwell commanded by Steve & Chris fought Cromwell's Ironsides Commanded by Leigh & Rich.
The scenario is similar to the standard Surrounded Mission, but tweaked for a big table (the Operation Cromwell format being armies of 2 coys totalling 2,500 pts on 8x6' tables).  Tonight the Allies held off the German attack on two fronts quite comfortably.  The scenario looked pretty fair with the Allies putting up a sound defence against a less than optimal attack, but I noted a few issues for improvement.

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