Friday, September 26, 2014

Operation Cromwell Practice and Force on Force

Operation Cromwell practice in Launceston.

Not much will be said of this.  The British referred to the US troops as 'our Italians' after Kasserine pass, and in this case they lived up to that name.  What's more, they were trounced by a combined force of Italians and Germans.  I think the US managed to kill one tank and a few motorcycle stands -- but that was it.  Nick and Matt as US, Starn and Rob as Italians / Germans.

On another table, there was an impressive game of Force on Force with Doug back after a long absence.

The battle was the raid on Tora Bora by Delta force to get Bin laden.  Dougs Delta Force troops were massacred, but they did manage to guide a bomb down onto Bin Laden, so the scenario was a narrow victory to Doug.

Also, I really like Force on Force, but I thought this picture of duelling rule books was appropriate!

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