Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wars of the Roses

York: Jim (left) & Steve (right & centre).
Lancaster: Mike (left), James (centre), Chris (right).

Each side had 3 Battles.  James' division in the Lanc's centre was 3 spear & 3 bow.   The others were 2 men at arms, 2 bowmen & 2 horse.  Mikes' division on the Lanc's left had 2 small crossbow units.  All 4 Lancs cavalry were knights.  York had 6 cavalry, but 4 were sergeants.

The Yorks left the room and made a map of their deployment while the Lancs deployed.  Then returned & deployed to their map.

Both side deployed to the right of the centre.  The Lancs had the first move and are advancing in echelon.

Both sides are swinging their armies anticlockwise & struggling with our poor command rating of medieval armies (9 if going full speed forward into forward quarter at enemy in sight, 7 otherwise).  The York's left is in further confusion due to a hail of arrows from James' Battle.

On the far flank Steve's Sergeants surprised all by defeating the enemy knights, breaking 1 unit & driving the other back.  But his flank Battle's infantry is lagging behind, as is Chris' cavalry on the other flank.  Jim's Battle is trying to keep 2 Battles occupied while Steve swamps the other flank.

On the far flank Steve has finished off the knights with bow fire and is moving up to attack the Lanc's flank.  The York's left has pulled back, but Chris' knights are nearly up to the front.

Steve has smashed Mike's Battle with an attack on  front & flank.  On the near flank King Richard personally lead his knights up the hill pushing back the enemy knights & smashing 2 infantry units.  Chris' other bill unit at the end of the line has pushed the York's bowmen right back, but the bowmen have refused to break.

Steve is reorganising his victorious troops on the far flank.  James has pulled his line back so his flank is not exposed.  Both Chris & Jim's Battles are badly hurt but still in the fight.

The York's knights have ridden down the last of Chris' bowmen and retreated over the rise to get away from James' bowmen.  The York bowmen near the village have broken the last of Chris' billmen with bow fire.  Chris' battle is now broken and with it the Lancastrian army. 

It was  very enjoyable battle for all.  Both sides had similar plans.  Fortunes fluctuated widely both ways, but in the end the York's left held on against the odds while Mike's didn't.

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I'm a french wargamer who is very interested by your house rules for WOTR but the links "Camp Cromwell Hail Caesar OOB XLS" and "Hail Whoever" don't work.

Can you do something for me.