Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Last Practice for Operation Cromwell

Steve & James' Panzers v. Jim & Chris' 8th Army

We threw a bit of terrain on the table, picked out about 1550 pts worth of troops & fought a Free For All in an attempt to get our brains back into FOW mode for next weekend's Operation Cromwell.
The main event soon got underway with 6 Shermans facing off a bunch of Panzers on the British left.  On the far flank the Brits put their 25pdrs on the objective & moved infantry up into the narrow wood supported by Honeys.  The Germans had Gerpanz grenadiers & 2 panzers on that flank.  They had started with half tracks in the woods and had to delay an advance while they unbogged half of them.
The tank fight was a long slogging match, but the panzers eventually prevailed, but were not keen to push forward against dug in vets on the objective while bugs were ready to rush down the other side of the wood to the objective behind them.   On the far flank the Germans came up over the ridge to attack the wood, but when the bug platoon made a dash for the objective behind them they withdrew.  Neither side was confident of making an attack so a draw was agreed.

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