Thursday, February 12, 2015

202BC at Black Hills

Chris & I went to PeterC's place at Black Hills for the day for some practice games for the upcoming 202BC campaign Peter's C & W are organising.

Naval War
We fought two small naval actions so Peter could test out the proposed rules for the naval side of the campaign.  In each case Chris had a fleet of elite ships & I had a larger fleet of standard (1st game) or levy ships (2nd game).

In both cases numbers prevailed over quality.  The rules worked pretty well & gave Peter some food for thought on further improvements.

Carthage v. Numidia
Peter's Carthaginians fought Chris's Numidians - trying out two of the armies proposed for the upcoming campaign using Hail Caesar. 

Carthage is on the left.  On the far flank 2 Numidian cavalry divisions faced the Carthaginian cavalry.  On the near side 2 Carthaginian infantry divisions faced one large Numidian infantry division.

Both sides advanced their infantry, the Numidians held their horse back.  The light Numidian infantry were no match for the Carthaginian foot.  Half of them have broken before I remembered to get the camera out.
While the Numidian foot was being finished off the Carthaginian cavalry charged the Numidian horse.  With 4 small light units in each division the Numidians looked outgunned, and with their infantry already broken the Numidian cause looked lost.  But the Numidian horse was stronger than it looked and quickly broke the Carthaginian horse.  It then wheeled right to attack their foot.

Despite the discrepancy in numbers the light horse managed to break the foot division on the right snatching victory & proving that you should never give up.

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