Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Napoleonic: French v. Prussians

Steve brought his new 28mmm Prussians along so he and Mike took on Mark & Chris' French.  Battle fought using Hail Frederick, Jim umpiring.

The French make their plans:  They have a cavalry division of 6 units on their left and two infantry divs of 6 each centre & right.

The Prussians deploy with their 8 unit infantry div on their left & centre & two 5 unit cavalry divisions on their right.
The French take up defensive position in the farmland & orchards while the Prussians advance slow & steady.

The Prussians have moved up into musket range on their left and started a firefight.  The Prussian cavalry continues a cautious advance.

The Prussian foot are grinding away at the French right flank.  The Prussian cavalry have charged the French horse.

Oakie's famous dice have sent the Prussian horse reeling back.  On the far flank a Prussian general examines the fields of fire with the latest technology.

On the far flank the French infantry div has broken.  In the centre the French infantry are advancing on shaken Prussian horse.  One of Steve's cavalry divs has broken while the other is withdrawing.  Oakie's horse is slow to follow up (he keeps throwing 6's for command - can't help himself).

The large Prussian infantry div is slowly wrapping around the French right & the French infantry advance in the centre has recoiled back.  The French cavalry have finally got to grips with the Prussian cavalry again but their slow advance gave them time to rally some units back from Shaken status & & Oakie seemed to run out of 6's.  With some help from the infantry in the centre the Prussian horse redeems itself, breaking the French cavalry.  

This means the French have lost 2 or 3 divisions while the Prussians have lost only one, so the French fail their army break test and the Prussians have won. 

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