Thursday, February 05, 2015

Small 28mm Napoleonic Battle

Chris' French v. Jim's Austrians

With only a short time avalable today, we set up a small Napoleonic battle with each side having 2 infantry divs of 4 battalions & a cavalry division of 4 units.  The French had command 9 to the Austrian 8, so this was balnced by giving Austrains an extra gun and two small grenz battalions.

The Austrians deployed first on the near side of the table with their infantry in the close terrain left & centre & cavalry on the right.  The French matched their deployment.

The French made a general advance.  On the left the Austrian sent their grenz forward in skirmish order.  On the right they waite duntil the French cavalry were in charge range and charged.

 As the cavalry fight went on on the flank, the Austrian infantry in the centre advanced to meet the French & cover the cavalry's flank.   On the far flank the French attacked the end of the Austrian line, but the Austrians moved the division's right forward to counterattack. 

The cavalry fight petered out to a draw as both sides won some and lost some, ending up with both sides 1 lost and 3 shaken.  In the centre the French attack was stopped. No units broke, but the Austrians had a small advantage with 2 unshaken units v. 1. But on the left the French attack was halted by good shoting and the counterattack plus artillery support finished the French division off. 
 At this stage the French had lost a division and had only 1 unshaken unit left.  The Austrians had lost no divisions and their was still in good shape.  The French conceded.

With our revamped Hail Frederick variant of Hail Caesar this battle ripped along, but was still rattling good fun.  The simplifications to the rules (mainly removing saves) do nothing to reduce tactical options, but do a lot to speed up the game.

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