Friday, February 20, 2015

Retired Gentlemen at Black Hills: 202BC

Hail Posiedon: 

Another play test of PeterC's ancient naval rules. 
Chris had 5 veteran Athenian triremes (black hulls) v. Jim's 6 triremes & a fiver, all regulars.
The Athenians were decisively defeated losing 2 ships sunk & 1 captured.   It's hard to say if 7:5 is the right ratio to make up for crew skill difference as the Athenians were arguably outmanoeuvred plus threw some crap dice at critical times.   The rules modifications resulting from last week's experience generally worked well & some more ideas for further improvement came up for Pter to ponder for next time.

Hail Caesar:
Peter's Carthaginains v. Chris' Numidians, Jim umpiring.
We repeated last week's battle.
Both sides deployed as they did last week, cavalry on the same flank.  This time the Numidians were aware of the strength of their innocuous looking light horse and advanced their cavalry at the start.

Once again the Numidian infantry was soon smashed by the heavier Carthaginian foot, but this time the Carthagian horse put up a better fight.  They were pushed back back refused to break.
Eventually, the Carthaginian horse was broken, but this week the Numidian horse was too badly damaged to counterattack the Carthaginian foot & it was driven off the table.

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